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Center for ethical education and pastoral care in the NRW police force

What is the ZeBuS?

Cooperation project between state and church

The ZeBuS was established on November 26, 2014 by the Minister of the Interior of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and high-ranking representatives of the Catholic and Protestant churches in NRW in a contract. This day is considered the founding date.

The state and churches jointly agreed to continue the proven cooperation in the connecting fields of activity and to map the cooperation between the police and police chaplaincy in the areas of professional ethical orientation and pastoral care for employees of the NRW police in a new format.

With ZeBuS, the state and churches are making it clear that they want to meet social changes and challenges in an interdisciplinary way.

What are the aims of ZeBuS?

Ethical education and pastoral care

Our society has a right to citizen-oriented, professional and constitutional task performance by the police.
This right requires more than just the teaching of specialist theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It also requires a pronounced ethical competence (moral integrity); an inner compass that requires constant calibration.
The ZeBuS has therefore set itself the goal of supporting police employees in strengthening their own moral integrity in order to remain morally stable even in situations that feel borderline in everyday police work.
The experience of and ethical reflection on police reality also touch on personal issues relating to police officers' perception of their own physical and emotional vulnerability. The exchange on ways to maintain and strengthen one's own resilience and "mental self-protection" is therefore carefully moderated.

What does ZeBuS do?


The ZeBuS events are primarily aimed at employees of the NRW police force and police chaplains.
In the area of training and further education at the NRW State Office for Education, Training and Personnel Affairs (LAFP) NRW, ZeBuS offers a variety of recurring events for different target groups in addition to individual measures. 
In addition, there are numerous working contacts with other federal states and the Dutch police.
Here is an insight into our portfolio of services:

  • Support for police training and further training measures
  • Conducting events on professional ethics topics
  • Leadership dialogues and discussions on values
  • Support for police chaplaincy through information events
  • Planning and implementation of themed exhibitions
  • Use of our special premises
Premises of the ZeBuS

Who is part of ZeBuS?

The ZeBuS is made up of LAFP NRW employees and police chaplains.

Your contact persons:

For the police:
Daniel Rieke, Andre Mönsters, Lil Kathrin Herholz, Nils Montabon, Dr. Johanna Wagner, Agnes Wrazidlo, Inanna Wulff, Hendrik Mathias, Julian Waleciak

Phone: 02592 68 -3449

For the police chaplaincy:
Pastor Stefanie Alkier-Karweick, Dr. Melanie Kolm

Phone: 02592 68-3444

LAFP NRW - Teildezernat 34.4
Im Sundern 1 - 59379 Selm
Email: td34.4zebus.lafp [at] polizei.nrw.de

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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110