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with a cop
With a vintage truck, the police in NRW invite you to a coffee and conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.
Respect for emergency services
Minister Reul: "Der Austausch zwischen den Behörden ist Gold wert. Denn was in Gütersloh funktioniert, funktioniert oft auch in Jüchen."
Minister Reul: „Wir stehen hinter Menschen, die durch ehrenamtliches Engagement anderen Menschen helfen.“
The magazine
The magazine of the North Rhine-Westphalian police has been published by the Ministry of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia since 1962.
In terms of crime statistics, Dortmund and Detmold are worlds apart. Here the turbulent metropolis, there the peaceful district of Lippe. We accompany the detectives Chantal Boller and Olivia Habermann.
Attacks, rampages, riots: In the past, perpetrators could hide in the crowd. Today, private cell phone photos and videos play an increasingly important role in manhunts.
Super-recognizers made of flesh and blood resemble a database on two legs in their effectiveness. Three of these unusual specialists are employed by the State Office of Criminal Investigation in Düsseldorf and Dortmund Police Headquarters.
The work of BAO Berg led to a rethink in child pornography investigations. BAO Berg has now been disbanded. But the hunt for perpetrators of abuse continues.
Open day
in Düsseldorf
Under the motto "Hey, democracy!", the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, the state parliament and the House of History of North Rhine-Westphalia will open their doors to citizens on Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27, 2023.
For Malinois dog Misty, it's a big game when she finds smartphones, hard drives or SIM cards. Then she gets her bite, and the perpetrators often get a few years in prison.
Niklas Beermann has received a certificate. It is awarded every year at the beginning of winter. The first person to report a ski theft receives this award. The police in Winterberg treat themselves to a little joke. Some things are different in North Rhine-Westphalia's highest police station than in other parts of the country. Ski theft is indeed a problem. 400 to 500 pairs are lost from the slopes in Hochsauerland every year. This is no trifling matter, as a pair of skis can cost a high three-figure sum. And so police inspectors Niklas Beermann and Moritz Bücker are always on patrol at "Bei Möppi" or at the other après-ski bars on the ski lift carousel. They show their presence.
The recording of traffic accidents is becoming increasingly complex thanks to digital technology in cars. The police's response: in future, forces with high-tech equipment will be deployed across the country.
Close to the citizens, contact persons day and night - this is what characterizes the work of the district service. Portrait of police officer Stefan Willmes, who is also popular with schoolchildren.
Lützerath was yesterday. The European Football Championship is tomorrow. In the summer of 2024, hundreds of thousands of fans will travel to North Rhine-Westphalia to support their teams. And - as is always the case - hundreds, perhaps thousands of violent troublemakers will also be there. Four stadiums on the Rhine-Ruhr route and 20 matches will have to be secured by the state's police. A huge task over a period of four weeks. Preparations are already underway. The LAFP NRW is coordinating the training of the riot police units. The "Streife" was there.
Further training
They develop training courses, pass on their knowledge and experience how their colleagues are constantly developing. Deployment trainers have a demanding role - with many success stories.
Unlimited possibilities: Mission trainers are entering new technological territory.
In the summer, the new police college course started in Gelsenkirchen: Model trial for police training with 31 students.
Top sport
Peter Lohmann becomes European champion at the Ironman in Frankfurt
Climbing high over climbing walls with a car tire, shimmying along the "Never ending Monkey Bars", overcoming the fear of heights on the "Execution Tower" or crawling on all fours through slippery mud - obstacle courses are Sarah Drees' passion. In 2021 alone, the 35-year-old highway patrol officer took part in 14 such competitions.
His career ended where it began: in Berlin. And the last game was just as he loved it: a nail-biter. Last-minute victory in the 92nd minute. Fan chants. This is how referee Guido Winkmann (47) left the pitch - after 20 years of professional soccer.
Policewoman Kim Irmgartz doesn't just step on the gas on the racetrack.
Police athletes
Minister Reul: "Sie alle sind die besten Werbeträger, die sich unsere Polizei wünschen kann."
Career opportunities
In the police force in North Rhine-Westphalia, people with disabilities have good career opportunities and a tailor-made workplace.
The variety of topics ranged from investigating the legal sanctioning of "hate mail" against politicians to the role of gender in the police context and the effects of pandemic-related online teaching on the mental health of trainee inspectors.

Stephanie Schmidt ist Polizeihauptkommissarin. Im Polizeipräsidium Bochum leistet sie als soziale Ansprechpartnerin für ihre Kolleginnen und Kollegen Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe - und spricht dabei auch aus eigener Erfahrung. Im Video erklärt sie, warum sie sich dazu entschieden hat soziale Ansprechpartnerin (SAP) zu werden und was sie antreibt.

The Center for Ethical Education and Pastoral Care (ZeBuS) at the LAFP NRW is expanding its range of services around the well-known and proven "Grenzgang".
"The most important person is always the person sitting opposite you."
Reul: "This house is a promise made in stone that says: We will look after you, be there for you and not leave you alone."
Official health management of the police (BGMPol) NRW - framework conditions for safe and healthy working.
Ethics and
Minister Reul: „Jede Polizistin und jeder Polizist muss sich damit irgendwann auseinandersetzen. Denn diesen Job legt man bei Feierabend nicht einfach ab. “
A decade ago, the State Office for Training, Further Training and Personnel Affairs (LAFP) of the North Rhine-Westphalia Police in Selm created a unique place to learn about professional ethics by setting up the "Grenzgang". There is great interest in the concept. The desire to try something similar has been growing for years in other federal states and abroad.
Interior Minister writes letter to all employees of the North Rhine-Westphalia police force
Police authorities now have officers for extremism
The state has the task of ensuring internal security. The police are primarily responsible for this. However, they can only successfully shape internal security if they share responsibility with politicians, society and citizens. Interior Minister Herbert Reul, State Secretary Jürgen Mathies, Police Department Head Dr. Daniela Lesmeister and Police Inspector Michael Schemke are pursuing this goal.
Modern management and employee orientation in the NRW police force
In North Rhine-Westphalia, all police authorities and the Ministry of the Interior commemorated their deceased colleagues today.
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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110