Ready when you need us

Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-WestphaliaVideoReady when you need us1:43 minute

The European Football Championship will take place from June 14 to July 14, 2024. Interior Minister Herbert Reul: "We are ready for the summer of European Championship soccer"


(Dynamic rock music)

[A female soccer player takes a ball and dribbles against other players. She heads the ball away.]

[A policewoman speaks to other police officers in a conference room. It's the soccer player from before. She points to a screen. The screen shows a map of Germany. Various cities are highlighted. A soccer ball bounces through the image.]

[The soccer ball becomes real and is stopped by a man with his foot. He is playing soccer with two children in a garden. The ball rolls down a hill. The screen is split in two: On one side, the man's hand takes the soccer ball; on the other side, a hand in a leather glove takes the ball.]

[A policeman holds the ball in both hands, on which he is wearing leather gloves. The policeman is the man from before. He puts the ball on his motorcycle and waves a car through.]

[A zoom on the ball, which in the next moment becomes a football-shaped lamp. This lamp hangs in a bar where people are talking and drinking. A woman and a man are talking.]

[A policewoman looks at camera footage on a computer. The policewoman is the woman who was talking in the bar earlier. The man she was talking to is sitting at another computer. The word "Power" appears on a screen as well as a 3D figure shooting a ball.]

[A ball flies down and is caught by a dog in a meadow. It runs to a woman and a man holding a leash]].

[A policewoman and a policeman in black gear walk along a path. Their vests say "Polizei NRW DHF" on them. They both have a dog on a lead. The policewoman and the policeman are the woman and the man from before.]

[A ball bounces down a stadium staircase. North Rhine-Westphalia's Interior Minister Herbert Reul catches the ball and passes it to a child. The child sits down in an audience sitting in the stadium.]

[One after the other, individual people appear from the audience. Meanwhile, the phrase "Ready when you need us" appears.]

[Interior Minister Herbert Reul holds a soccer in his hand. Behind him are the four police officers from the film].

(Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul) On June 14, the European Football Championship begins - in Germany and also in North Rhine-Westphalia. This is where players will be running, fighting and trying to win. And the police officers, 58,000 people in North Rhine-Westphalia, will ensure that it is as safe as possible. I wish you, I wish us, a great summer of soccer!

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