Entwurf Neubau Polizeipräsidium Bochum
New police headquarters being built in Bochum
Today, on December 7, 2023, Police Commissioner Jörg Lukat and Managing Partner Christoph Thelen of the eponymous Thelen Group signed the rental agreement for a new police headquarters in Bochum.

The new police headquarters will be conveniently located between Sheffield-Ring and Harpener Hellweg. Thanks to the optimal infrastructure, all operational locations can still be reached quickly and efficiently. The integrated Mitte police station and the criminal investigation department will ensure round-the-clock accessibility at the new location. However, it is not only the police and crime stations that are moving, but also the departments that are currently still housed in Uhlandstrasse and the management of the authorities. In total, more than 900 employees will find their new official home there in future.

Police Commissioner Jörg Lukat is extremely pleased that the intensive multi-year preparation period as part of a Europe-wide tendering process has now taken a huge step forward with the signing of the lease.

A four-storey, cube-shaped building complex will now be built in Harpen by September 2027 on a plot of around 60,000 square meters - bright, inviting and modern, the police headquarters will be integrated into the existing infrastructure. The building is easy to reach both individually and by public transport. Of course, citizens are also invited to use the public canteen without having any police-related concerns.

"This step towards a new building was unavoidable for several reasons," says Jörg Lukat. "The previous police headquarters was the Bochum police headquarters for over a century. It is not easy to leave it, but it was simply not possible to renovate the building and technically upgrade it to the extent required. In order to meet the future requirements for successfully and efficiently ensuring security in the area of responsibility of Bochum Police Headquarters, the new building offers outstanding organizational possibilities in addition to the use of the most advanced technologies."

The building is characterized by its central location with parking facilities for visitors, integrated citizen-friendly waiting areas, the consideration of complex requirements for sustainability and environmental protection, a state-of-the-art control centre and command room both for the competent management of daily duties and for special situations - to name just a few examples. It will create an optimal working environment and at the same time a solid basis for the demanding work of a modern police force and its accessibility, entirely in the interests of the citizens of the cities of Bochum, Herne and Witten, for whose safety the police station is responsible.

"After intensive planning, we have succeeded in gaining a strong and experienced investor in the Thelen Group. I am sure that the citizens will quickly identify with the modern and open design of the police station in this prominent location," says Lukat.

The city of Bochum also welcomes the current development. "An efficient police force needs optimal conditions to carry out its duties. This will be created by the future-oriented new building in a prominent and well-connected location in Bochum," said Lord Mayor Thomas Eiskirch. It is an important project with great appeal for the safety of the citizens of our city. "I am delighted that the good cooperation between the police and the city of Bochum, which has already been good in the past, can be continued successfully at the new location and secured for the long term."

Investor Christoph Thelen is also delighted to be able to provide the fifth-largest police authority in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with a modern, innovative official home. "We are proud and happy to be able to realize this very important project for the Bochum police and to put our real estate expertise at the service of internal security."

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