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Focus on safety
Here you will find monthly updated information on developments in selected crime areas

On this page, we will publish the latest figures on crime trends in NRW on a monthly basis. You can now get an overview of the current case numbers yourself with just a few clicks. With this service, we want to make the NRW police's commitment to your safety transparent.

These monthly figures are snapshots of crime trends in NRW. In addition, scientific police crime statistics will continue to be published annually.


We - the Bochum police - hope that our approach will make you feel even better informed.
At this point, we would like to ask you to call "110" at any time if you notice anything suspicious.
Because "your safety is important to us".


As a result of a nationwide decision this year, sexual assault offenses in accordance with Section 177 of the German Criminal Code will no longer be counted as violent crime from October 2017. Rape and sexual assault in accordance with Section 177 StGB are still included in the violent crime figures. This may lead to lower monthly case numbers for violent crime.


Developments in the state of NRW and in other police authorities:

Here you will find monthly updated information on selected crime fields at state level and in the district police authorities as well as a file in machine-readable CSV format.

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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110