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Weapons law
Here you will find general information and forms on the subject of "Weapons law"

Important information:

  • Due to legal changes, it is no longer possible to register a weapon directly in gun ownership cards. The relevant written application must always be submitted in advance.
  • Applications, forms and further information can be found on the right-hand side (desktop view), or below (mobile view), in the "Download and forms" area. 
  • The notification form for larger interchangeable magazines within the meaning of Section 58 (17) WaffG (in the version from September 1, 2020) can be found on the right-hand side in the download and form area.
  • Association certificates must only be submitted in the original. Certificates of competence (sport shooters) must be sent either by post OR electronically to the above-mentioned mailbox. Please do not send in duplicates

Our clerks can be contacted by telephone on the following numbers if you have any questions:

  • 0234 909-2124
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  • 0234 909-2171


Anyone wishing to acquire firearms and exercise actual control over them requires a permit in accordance with Section 10 (1) of the Weapons Act.

This is issued in the form of a gun ownership card, which is available in three different versions:

Green gun possession card

This is the most common form of gun possession card and must usually be applied for before purchasing a weapon. In principle, any type of firearm can be registered on it. The target group is: Hunting license holders, heirs of firearms, sport shooters, firearms license holders.

Yellow gun ownership card

Under certain conditions, it allows sport shooters to purchase single-shot long guns, repeating long guns with rifled barrels and handguns.

Red gun possession card

It enables gun and ammunition collectors who are scientifically or technically active or who want to build up a culturally and historically significant collection to acquire firearms, whereby the permit is usually limited to a specific firearms area. What all cards have in common is that they permit the possession but not the carrying of weapons. Carrying" is understood to mean the ready-to-hand carrying of the weapon outside the home, business premises or a pacified property. Anyone wishing to carry a weapon generally requires a firearms license. The so-called "small firearms license" is usually required to carry (type-approved) alarm, irritant and signal weapons.

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