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The NRW police on X
Did you already know? You can get quick information on events in your region from our colleagues on X. Is your authority included?

Where should I expect traffic obstructions and when? Where have burglars been on the loose and where should I keep my eyes open? The police in your region will inform you about this and more quickly and on a daily basis.

Here you will find the X-channels of the NRW police listed for you:

Data protection on X

By clicking on "Follow", you become a follower of the police account, which is visible to the administrators of the page as well as to your friends and possibly other users of X.

However, this information is neither evaluated by the administrators of the police account nor recorded elsewhere. The statistics that X makes available to the administrators of the police account are displayed in aggregated form and do not allow the administrators to draw any conclusions about personal data.

In this context, please also note the data usage guidelines at and make the appropriate privacy settings in your account! Please check exactly what information you publish!

What X learns:

What data X stores in detail and how the company uses this data is not exactly known. What is certain is that X not only stores data that is entered directly by users, but also records the actions of X users - presumably without gaps - and passes them on to third parties.

X also learns

  • the most important data of the computer system (log data) from which a user logs into the network - including IP address, processor type and browser version including plug-ins and
  • every visit to websites (widget data) on which an X button is installed. The IP address is also transmitted. If the visitor to the third-party site is an X user and has already logged in to X from the same computer, X can also determine their identity.
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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110